Frequently Asked Questions

What sets apart from the competition ?

  • Dedicated Payroll Specialist
  • Individual and ongoing sales support
  • We known our customers names
  • Quick response times
  • Specialized tailored programs

We already use another payroll service

That's great. I'm glad that you recognize the benefit of using an outside service for payroll. Can we discuss what makes different ?

My CPA does my payroll

We do payroll for many CPA firms. Our services allow you to use your CPA more productively

We're too small, we don't have many employees

We can appreciate your concern. We hear that quite often because we work with small businesses like yours everyday. has developed a small-business product tailored to companies of your size. Our service assumes liability over payroll tax filings and potential tax penalties

My payroll only takes me 5 minutes to do

That's great. Many clients felt the same way. Now they find the peace of mind they gain from our tax service is a major benefit for them

I'm concerned about confidentiality

We can understand why you feel that way. Confidentiality is always a concern with companies that we process payroll for. As a matter of fact, a customer has reported increased confidentiality in the payroll process

We already do our payroll in-house

Many of our clients formerly did payroll in-house and were happy. They decided to meet with to make sure there were up to date in payroll/personnel administration. After meeting, they decided that their system could be improved